Arts 4 good

Amazing opportunity to learn Card Making / Scrap Booking / sewing / textiles. Share time with friends online / get creative / share your art with others during COVID Eg carers / frontline workers across health , food aid, housing,community sectors Incubation meets Isolation.

Drama drama drama

Amazing opportunity to make a YT Short Film or Shadow Theatre. You choose – acting / writing / editing / story ideas ( what suits you )
Let’s connect with others during COVID

Fit 4 Life

Healthy minds meet healthy bodies. CMRC’s Fit 4 Life provides tailored fitness programs for young people that are mindful of their gender, ages and housing situations. Physical activity that allows for connectivity plus respects privacy. Flexible program design hopefully results in flexibility to handle emotions during a crisis.

For more information please contact

Priscella Mabor
Inclusion Strategy & Innovations Manager
Ph: 02 9687 9901

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