Indian Women Empower (IWE) was established by Community Migrant Resource Centre to address the challenges facing Indian and Subcontinent women in their settlement in Australia. We are a group of like-minded women aiming to address and support women going through relationship issues, domestic violence, employment challenges by providing education, awareness, and guidance for those who seek help to lead a fuller life through life skills, confidence building and skill development.

IWE was formally launched on 6th March 2020 in Parramatta at the Old Government House which also coincided with International Women’s Day and NSW Women’s week. The launch was attended by over 200 people and was a huge success.

At the end of June 2019, 660,350 Indian-born people were living in Australia, more than twice the number (307,590) on 30 June 2009. This makes the Indian-born population the third largest migrant community in Australia after the United Kingdom and China, equivalent to 8.8 per cent of Australia’s overseas-born population and 2.6 per cent of Australia’s total population. 1 Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Migration Australia.

Australian 2016 census shows that Indian migrant population increased significantly to 1.9 % (455,389) of the total population of 24.4 million in Australia.

With large increase of Indian migrants settling in Australia, IWE aims at understanding, exploring, and providing support through a Culture of Sisterhood & services.


IWE ‘s strategic vision seeks to inspire & empower all Indian women including Business Owners, Professionals, housewives and others to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time namely, Domestic & Family Violence and unemployment, underemployment or the ability to gain meaningful employment & to create strong vibrant women and families by reducing familial inequality and strengthening relationships within the family.

IWE was established by the CMRC to address the complex relational and multifaceted nature of issues facing Indian women in their settlement in Australia.

Indian Women Empower IWE is a not-for-profit group of dedicated and committed women seeking to provide employment pathways and domestic violence services to vulnerable women from the Indian diaspora.

IWE aims to provide a national protection platform for Indian women on safety, security and employment issues impacting them.

It seeks to address, safety, unequal relationships, hidden abuse in relationships, employment barriers, self-care, confidence building, mentoring and capacity building along with a strong community voice.

It aims to provide a platform to coach women towards building confidence, self-esteem and develop skills (Communication skills, Job readiness, Grooming)

It aims to provide an opportunity for Indian Women to seek employment opportunities from peers, networks and those that are well-placed.

It seeks to mentor and encourage vulnerable women to come out of the confines of their home and help develop a Sense of Purpose & Belonging.

It aims to provide a platform for Indian Women to act as a collective and to develop a

Culture of Sisterhood.

IWE enables opportunities for Indian Women to directly engage in building positive and life changing relationships by nurturing and caring for their personal and family wellbeing.

IWE adopts a strength-based approach, providing knowledge, skills to women and building their capacities to live a holistic life. It outlines an exciting, ambitious, and outcomes-centric agenda reflecting our clear responsibility to support the community and women in need.

This new plan has at its core our grassroots work which has, and will continue to, create positive social change – whether that be through mentoring face to face, “in-person advice” through a “Care Desk”, “Business after 5” events, caseworkers’ access at events in a discreet and safe manner, access to specialised, experienced professional trained caseworkers.

At the same time, IWE will use the knowledge gained through our work to explore major contemporary & future challenges and see what further contributions we, as Community Leaders, can make to systemic causes of inequality, fairness and employment in a manner that encourages privacy, trust, and empowerment.


IWE Launch 2020

Dowry Abuse Project

CMRC IWE hosted the screening of two short films on Domestic Violence and Dowry Abuse presented and directed by Pankaj Upadhayay and Taufeeq Ahmed Sheikh for NSW Police at Event Cinemas Castle Hills & Event Cinemas Top Ryde followed by Panel discussions by experts.

Dowry Abuse Project Screening

Meet CMRC IWE Ambassador Sagarika Venkat

Sagarika Venkat is a young and talented dancer who has made a name for herself in the world of Bharathanatyam.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Sagarika was introduced to the dance form at the tender age of 4 and has since been captivating audiences with her performances. Her dedication to both her studies and dance has earned her a reputation as a well-rounded individual who can balance her passions with her responsibilities.

At just 13 years old, Sagarika is already a seasoned performer with over 500 shows to her credit. Her travels have taken her across Australia, India, the United States, and Malaysia, where she has captivated audiences with her traditional values and innovative approach to dance. She has been a finalist for the Youngest Citizen of the Year award in both 2020 and 2021, a testament to her impact on the arts community.

In addition to her performances, Sagarika is also a gifted teacher and choreographer. She is currently training young girls in Bharathanatyam and is dedicated to passing on her knowledge and passion for the dance form. She is also the youngest host presenter for Foxtel Channel Aurora, where she showcases Indian-Australian entertainment and

sports. Sagarika was the youngest to feature in a video advertisement at the age of 3 for Metro Malayalam an Indian Magazine Sagarika’s talents extend beyond dance and into philanthropy. In 2022, she raised over $10,000 through a solo dance performance for the empowerment of orphaned girls in Bangalore, India. This is just one example of her commitment to using her talent for good and inspiring others to do the same.

Sagarika Venkat is a rising star in the world of Bharathanatyam, whose passion and talent are sure to inspire future generations. With her dedication to her studies, her love for dance, and her commitment to giving back, she is a shining example of what it means to be young, talented, and well-rounded individual.

Living in Harmony & International Women’s Day Forum 2023

CMRC in collaboration with the Hills Shire Council, NSW Police, Sydney University, IWE and supported by Multicultural NSW held a forum with a difference: celebrating International Women’s Day by embracing equity and living in harmony. Around 100 community leaders, representatives of services discussed issues of equity, equality and ways in which the status of women can be advanced.

Living in Harmony & International Women’s Day Forum 2023

Upcoming Event: Mother’s Day 2023

Indian Women Empower, Community Migrant Resource Centre event collaboration with Safemap CN for the Mother’s Day Celebrations 2023.

Exclusive workshop by Dr. Manjoo Shree, a clinical psychologist and internationally certified Life Resilience Coach.

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