The CALD Early Intervention and Perinatal Program (EIPP) services aims to provide children from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities with the best start in life. Funded by NSW Department of Community and Justice (DCJ), the program provides services to expecting parents and families with children aged up to 8 years old. The Program follows an evidence-based, strength-based and child-centred approach. The CALD Early intervention and Perinatal Program services is a preventive service for CALD families that support vulnerable children, their families and their communities, within Parramatta and Cumberland Local Government Areas.

EIPP team worked towards aligning its services with District priorities especially Children 0 – 3 years old, Young Parents (under 20 years) including the local priorities like Family and Domestic Violence, Parents as Carers, and CALD communities. Our work focused on families living in vulnerable areas including Merrylands, Granville, Berala, Guilford and Westmead while being mindful of existing ongoing EIPP services in these areas.
In order to achieve these outcomes the Early Intervention and Perinatal Program delivers a range of tailored and inclusive activities to provide better outcomes for children and their families.

Parenting programs

Triple P Level 4 Program aims to promote children’s development and help parents manage children’s behaviour in a constructive way. This program enhances the development of healthy and positive parent–child interactions. This is especially beneficial when parents are facing challenges that may compromise their parenting capacity.

Home visits

EIPP Home visits provide one to one support to parents with children from 0 -2 years of age. CMRC EIPP receives referrals mainly from Westmead Hospital Midwifes, Social Workers, Community Health Services, Family Referral Services as well as other services. Through these visits initial referrals are made to programs and other services including Mothers of Many Societies, domestic violence and disability support. After the initial referrals EIPP continues to support these families through the regular supported playgroups in their area.

Supported playgroup

Supported Playgroups aim to enrich children’s early learning and development and also support the wellbeing of parents as well as building their capacity. CMRC run Supported Playgroups in different locations across Cumberland and Parramatta LGAs. They are run on public schools’ grounds, community centres, community health centres which provide a safe environment and soft entry to engage with parents from CALD backgrounds.

Transition to school

The Transition to School program helps prepare children for different school activities and routine at the school. These sessions have a holistic and inclusive approach. Parents also become aware of the education system in Australia including right and responsibilities. Families are informed on how they can receive support during this transition and build a stronger relationship with their child’s future school.

Readiness to school program

Readiness to School Program aims to ensure that the child is ready and able to cope with the transition into primary school. The program runs a series of activities that help children become familiar with the school environment and adjust easily into the school routine.

Mothers of many societies support group

This is an ongoing partnership program with Westmead Hospital Women’s Health Clinic and targets new mothers from CALD backgrounds. The focus of the program is building skills and confidence of new mothers to care for their new born child. The main outcome for the women attending this support group is breaking isolation and developing social network with other women going through the same experience.

Paint parramatta read – annual reading day

The Paint Parra Read program promotes early literacy and educates families about the importance of reading, talking, singing and rhyming from an early age. With this aim the EIPP team delivers reading activities in different languages for its groups throughout the year.

CMRC in Partnership with City of Parramatta Library have been working in collaboration from 2010 on the Paint Parra Read Program. The Annual Reading Day is held every year in September.

Holroyd school

In late 2018, CMRC in partnership with Holroyd School Especial Needs established a Community Hub within school premises to enhance access to services to the school community. From February 2019, CMRC started weekly outreach and initiated a Mother’s Support corner at the Hub. Regular activities are organised to support the well-being of families in collaboration with various agencies, e.g. Uniting NDIS, Centrelink, Family Planning NSW, etc.

Young mums activities

The work is done through partnerships with other services to provide a more holistic approach to service young vulnerable women and their babies. This activity aims to provide educational and social support to improve the wellbeing of the children as well as young mothers.


The CMRC EIPP Workers actively participate and contribute to innovative initiatives and recognises the strategic partnerships with key service providers as the key to successful delivery of its projects and positive outcomes for participating families. The contributions from our partners and the continuing support are crucial for the wellbeing of the children from CALD families in Parramatta and Cumberland local Government Areas.


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