The Multicultural Support Workers Program (MSWP) builds positive relationships between Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) and Culturally & Linguistically Diverse communities (CALD) within NSW.

MSWP is funded by DCJ to support Caseworkers in their work with vulnerable CALD, migrant and refugee families to achieve strength based best practice outcomes for Children and Young People.

“We build relationships that are focused on children to give dignity and form partnerships with parents, families & communities whilst using collective wisdom, skills and resilience to keep children safe”

Services that we provide:

The Multicultural Support Workers Program promote culturally competent family intervention by better equipping DCJ Caseworkers with cultural information and language support whilst working with CALD families in NSW. Our Multidimensional team of over 45 session support workers from various Cultural & Linguistically diverse backgrounds are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the cultures, traditions and life lived from all over the world. They also speak over 60 different dialects and languages

Cultural support to communities

The Multicultural Support Workers Program provide tailored information sessions about Department of Communities and Justice, The Child Protection Laws in NSW, E-Safety, D.V., Parenting and various other topics by using a community development approach and engaging with CALD communities by providing them information that is relevant to their communities and engaging in community learning circles to empower communities to thrive in NSW.

Specialist multicultural support workers

All Multicultural Support Workers are trained in navigating DCJ Child Protection Services, Refugee Trauma and vulnerable families in crisis. We endeavor to keep enhancing their skills by providing them ongoing training.

Cultural support for caseworkers:

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