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CMRC are leaders in the diversity and inclusion space. For over 25 years, CMRC has provided service delivery, sector development, training and consultancy services across NSW.

Urban Activation steers a new direction for our centre, and the communities we serve.

Urban Activation asks the question: how satisfied are we, with the neighbourhoods in which we live.

Do we expect more than so-called convenience stores, free wifi & skinny mocha franchises?

How do we measure the wellbeing of a suburb or city? How happy or satisfied do we need to be? Cities were originally created for people, by people. However urban sprawl and high rise nightmares have seen social outcomes for communities greatly impacted and rates of depression rise . The health benefits of human connection are profound and well documented.

People are rising up and asking questions about the quality of their lives and how to reconnect in an age where human contact is referred to as FACE TIME on a device.

CMRC’s Urban Activation Unit is part of a global revolution: saying goodbye to smart phones, and hello to smart spaces energized by people with purpose and passion. We draw on localized solutions and intentional design, for each activation we curate.

This year we have begun working in close collaboration with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) and Ryde Council. Where we have helped transform public spaces in SOPA precincts into vibrant constellations of authentic communal connection. We activated spaces for corporate residents like NRMA, students from the WSU campus, tourists and for social isolated families in the apartment blocks.

Our for-purpose events Food Safari Stalls, Artist Bazaar, Keeping It Real- On The Catwalk parade, dance battles and 9D Cinema are fun and engaging, and provide a platform for chefs, entrepreneurs, performers, artists and artisans from refugee backgrounds to shine.

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