Announcement: Youth Transitions Support Program

CMRC is proud to announce that funding for the Youth Transition Support Program (YTSP) has been secured up until 2020.

Department of Social Services has committed to invest in dynamic & innovative platforms moving forward. YTSP’s flexible, consistent, responsive and youth-led strategy has delivered high impact, evidence-based outcomes for young people who have arrived to Australia as a result of the global humanitarian crisis.   

YTSP started as a National PILOT in 2016 with six providers nationally, delivering education, employment and social support for young people from refugee backgrounds. Our focus has been to provide foundational support for youth by improving their wellbeing indicators and thereby enhancing opportunities for economic and educational participation.

CMRC has delivered 30 programs weekly across Western Sydney since February 2016, in close consortia with our two key service delivery partners – ADSi and SYDWEST.  

One of YTSP’s flagship programs, DISCOVERY!,  was awarded the most outstanding Youth-Led Program in Western Sydney  in February this year at the ZEST AWARDS.

“YTSP has allowed the Centre to develop significant expertise and infrastructure in delivering high impact youth services, based around collaborative thoughtful practice with a youth-centred approach driving direction, program design and evaluation processes. Plus contribute to sector development through programs such as Future Focused!, which supports services to navigate diversity in the youth space.” – Warren Schweitzer- Chairperson, CMRC Board

“CMRC champions the rights of youth to be recognized at national and international levels. With YTSP, the centre is committed to vigorously advocate for supporting young people as they strive for acceptance, understanding and autonomy.” – Melissa Monteiro, CEO

For all enquires about the Youth Transitions Support Program please contact:

Priscella Mabor
Manager – Youth Transition Support Program ( YTSP ) 
Western Sydney National Provider –  Youth Services

Community Migrant Resource Centre
0421 791 244 / 9687 9901

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