“Thai Pongal” the Tamil Harvest Festival is celebrated among the south Indian and Sri Lankan Tamils, signifies the creative and cultural festivity to welcome the end of the traditional farming season.

This cultural event is designed to disseminate and share cultural celebrations by newly arrived migrants and refugees to the newly found friends, neighbours and the local community annually by Community Migrant Resource Centre in Parramatta since 2013. This event is an opportunity to showcase the social cohesion and inclusiveness experienced by newly arrived migrants blending into the community and for the community to be aware of festivities celebrated by south Indians and Sri Lankan Tamils.

This is the continuation of Parramatta’s rich history in celebrating agriculture and farming success which dated back to the colonial days. Now with the increasing and diverse population in Parramatta including Tamils have a significant chance to showcase the social cohesion and inclusiveness in the wider community by celebrating this farmers’ festival known as Parramatta Pongal. It is important as a community that we recognize all those who are involved in the agriculture industry in Australia.

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